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A Bonsai Has a Home

April 6, 2009

A bonsai recieves a home.  As part of a class project, I am building a home for three bonsai trees. One is a Greenmound Juniper, another is a Blue Star Pine, the third is a Creeping Douglas.  There are other ceramics works that I plan to create to complete a landscape.  I will add pictures as time permits.
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Brand New Day... Brand New Art

January 14, 2009

Brand new day...

Brand new art.....

T have completed an introductionary  ceramics class  last fall.  This semester  at the University of Texas at San Antonio in Texas, I start my intermediate ceramics class.  This time I have Ovido Geberga as my instructor. Last semester I had Jar Scheppers, so I am getting a wide spectrum of exposure to different inspirations to creativity in ceramics.


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New work new art

August 1, 2008

In the never ending circle of art in which you begin a piece, it delvelops, it is finished and is shown. Then a new cycle begins. The work is moved from studio to studio, from show to show and then perhaps final instalation in a buyers residence or a musuem. From year to year, decade to decade and hopefully century to century the work is viewed, inspired, studied by countless art and or art history students. Hopefully my work this past semester will stand the test of time. I know that I will look back on these early pieces and maybe retouch a spot here or there. I know that I will look back on these first efforts and know that I have tried and suceeded in maturing and developing as an artist. It takes time, not just months but years and lots of them. As many strokes with the brush, loaded with ink and placed on the rice paper. A work of art will be completed. Then as many years as there was brush strokes, the time will come when there are twice and then three times as many brush strokes and more, the art becomes known as a... [More]

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The Way of the Art Journal

July 25, 2008

The Way of the Art Journal.

At lot has been happening.

In this journal I'll post thoughts on art.  Some poetry as well.

Check in weekly.



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